Keita Saito

Keita Saito

Integrated Healing

* Advanced Kin-easy-ology *


Born in Sapporo city Japan in 1967.

I live in Yokohama currently.


* The beginning of my life as a Kinesiologist *

After experiencing many struggles in life, I got spontaneous pueumothorax (spontaneous rupture of the lung).

That time one of my senior colleagues gave treatment of chiropractic to me and I recovered from the illness.

This experience told me that we have natural healing ability to recover from diseases which western medicine can not cure.

I was moved by his manipulative therapy and I decided to be a practitioner of the technique.

* My background before becoming kinesiologist *

After leaning chiropractic, I established my own clinic 1997.

I have tried to master the upper cervical technique, but I found out that there is limitation in the technique.

In this period of 4 years, I dealt over 20,000 cases.

* Changing my specialization to Kinesiology *

I was distressed by the fact that the symptoms of the patients relapsed, and I was seriously considering why I could not cure them.

Then I encountered “Touch for Health” technique.

Starting from TFH.

I learned various styles of kinesiology in Japan as well as abroad.

Now I am practicing Integrated Healing Kinesiology in my clinic.

(I have an experience of over 20,000 cases in last 10 years.)

* Teaching Kinesiology *

Besides the work as s therapist, I am giving many training on several techniques of kinesiology such as TFH, BG, CBK, Integrated Healing.

I also hold TFH seminars for 200 students in Japan.

(There is no other seminar to which so many numbers of students participate) In 2009 I established “Kineseedlight corporation” in Japan.

Kineseedlight corporation is the very first company that incorporated Kinesiology into corporation.

I have found two types of kinesiology.

  1. “The Enlightenment Kinesiology” which is one year course(336 hours) that students can learn the basics of kinesiolgy.
  2. “Kinesiology for A to Z.”(Ichi-kara Hazimeru kinesiology) which is.

25-hour course, after which the students become able to apply kinesiology in their own lives.

I am really passionate to teach kinesiology in a way that suits Japanese customers.